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Homage to Matisse collection needlepoint tapestry inspired by Odalisque in Red. Contemporary designs by unwind studio: art & craft to help you unwind.

Homage to Matisse by Sara Trucksess

"Matisse was a master of color and shape, and as a color and pattern lover this is one of the reasons I adore his work most"

Get to know the story and inspiration behind Sara Trucksess newest collection with us!

Featured Product of August 2020: Glacial Pools

Introducing our new collaboration with Brooke Thorn McGowan, founder of Thorn Alexander, and how we are contributing to the Intersectional Environmentalism cause, with your support!
Featured Product of August 2020: Glacial Pools
Featured product month Black Lives Matter

Featured Product of the Month: Black Lives Matter

This month of July, the featured product is (without much surprise, if you are following us on Instagram), the amazing and powerful Black Lives Matter design, by Oris from Breathe Live Explore.