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Beginners Kits

Starting a needlepoint project might seem very difficult and a daunting experience. But don't worry, it's easy! And if you have the right kit for you, you will have an enjoyable (and addicted we hope!) experience.

Check out the selection we have prepared. It's focusing on kits with the design printed in a 10 mesh count double-threaded canvas, or have a very simple design.

We also recommend that you visit our Learning Needlepoint section, where we have useful videos on how to start, and how to use the Tent stitch and the Longstitch - perfect stitches for beginners!




Leonor Violeta

Lovely Day

From €35,00 - €60,00

Paola Saliby

Beautiful Mind

From €25,00 - €40,00

Léa Amati

Boucle Fleuri

From €35,00 - €65,00

Léa Amati


From €35,00 - €65,00