Nature & Landscape Needlepoint Kits

Our beautiful landscape and nature designs are perfect for nature lovers! Each needlepoint canvas can be transformed into beautiful wall hangings, pillow cushions, clutches, etc. with needlepoint/tapestry. The creativity is the limit!

These canvases have a minimalist and abstract design. They fit in any modern and contemporary aesthetic, for you or for your home.



Ashleigh Cochran


From €35,00 - €70,00

Emma Hall

Ethiopian Ravine

From €15,00 - €70,00

Kelly Knaga

My Own Garden

From €35,00 - €70,00

Suzie Leahy

Salvation Mountain

From €35,00 - €70,00

Blanche Daramir

The Cactus

From €25,00 - €40,00

Paola Saliby


From €45,00 - €90,00