Fun Needlepoint Kits for Spring Break

Fun and Relaxing needlepoint kits for Spring Break - including your Kids!

It’s time to take a Spring break and enjoy a well deserved vacation!

There’s nothing more important than taking care of ourselves and finding time to relax and do things that bring us joy, and you know we’re all about that!

Crafts like needlepoint are great for your well-being and can enable an immersive status through the repetitive motions while doing a project, encouraging a peaceful state of mind and an unbeatable sensation of accomplishment.

Not only that, but needle crafts are an excellent opportunity to have some bonding time with your kids, sharing a fun activity together. 


Our craft suggestions for Spring Break

Our Needlepoint Kits are available for all levels of expertise, including a collection specially thought out for our little ones. What better time to start than now?


Small, fun & artistic needlepoint kits for you

Do you want to finish a new project during your vacation? You sure can. We have smaller kits that will fit in your luggage and our packaging is also great to carry around anywhere you go!

You’ll come back with an amazing finished canvas as a souvenir :)


Untitled, Abstract Landscape Beginner Needlepoint Kit
Marinière Needlepoint (double sided) Sunglasses Case Kit


More small needlepoint kits for your holidays!


Cutest animals needlepoint kits for your kiddos

Your kid can choose between the cutest animal needlepoint designs and personalize their favorite accessory (like this tote-bag, for example) when finished! 

Needlepoint has Amazing Benefits for Kids and the focus of these kits is to encourage our little ones to exercise their creativity and do something with their own hands that will leave them feeling proud of themselves! 

No Drama Llama - Needlepoint Kit for Kids
Needlepoint is for all the family members! You can transform this hobby into solo relaxing time, a different activity for a vacation or a learning and sweet experience with your child...


Just remember to take your pleasure seriously and make it fun!

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