The Needlepoint Woven Pattern Stitch creates a pattern similar to a woven fabric, which makes it very useful to create different and unique effects in needlepoint.

Watch the video tutorial and instructions below, to learn this interesting needlepoint stitch!

Woven Pattern Stitch Instructions & Diagram

It is worked with both vertical and horizontal lines, alternately.

The tricky part about this stitch is to count the spaces in between the stitches correctly. You have to be alternative in the beginning, but once you start you will see that the pattern repeats itself making it easier to count.

A helpful tip for this stitch is to work multiple rows in only one direction, so you create a "guide" to insert the other direction of stitches. You can start with the direction that is more comfortable for you, vertical or horizontal.

 This stitch is great for backgrounds and gives them an interesting texture!


Woven Pattern Stitch Video Tutorial


If you have doubts about what stitches to choose for your project - check our Tips to select Needlepoint Stitches or Our favourite Needlepoint Decorative Stitches. You can also draw inspiration from our Stitch Guides!

Happy stitching :)

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