Needlepoint Stitches

In this page, we intend to inspire you to try new and different needlepoint stitches. Follow along, and get creative!


Did you know that there are more than 300 hundred needlepoint stitches?!! Yes, that's true! And if we consider the many variations a single stitch can have, this number is much higher.


Being so, we are organizing our content by what we call "stitches categories", or by a specific set of stitches that we recommend and love using all the time:


  • Our library of favorite stitches - great stitches to start off with
  • Openwork Background stitches
  • By its texture - to be completed
    • Flat stitches
    • Cross-over stitches
    • Geometric stitches
    • Floral stitches
    • Knots stitches


P.S.: Some stitches are easier than others, which impacts the overall difficulty of the project. To help you understand which stitches are simpler to familiarize with initially, we have included the following legend associated with each stitch: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


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