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Custom Personalized Needlepoint Canvases & Kits

Do you want to surprise someone that loves handmade pieces, by offering a personalized canvas?

We offer the possibility of, from a photograph or a brief description of what you need, to create a personalized illustration to be printed on a needlepoint canvas.

The size of the canvas is also at your choice, and you can also add the matching threads DMC Soft Cotton (Retors Mat) to complete the kit.


Send us an email to, and we will help you with that!


Your custom needlepoint kit will include:

  • Custom illustration printed in a Zweigart interlock 14 mesh count canvas (14-hpi)
  • 2 Milward tapestry needles Nº 18
  • Needlepoint booklet
  • Postal (size A5) with the custom illustration and respective DMC soft cotton color scheme identification
  • Optional: our suggested selection of DMC Soft Cotton threads (Retors Mat) to match the illustration.




Our first ever custom needlepoint design

From a photograph, the artist Leonor Violeta created this beautiful illustration that we printed on a 20x30cm needlepoint canvas.  


custom needlepoint design for unwind studio

custom illustration design for a needlepoint tapestry kit  

custom needlepoint tapestry design printed canvas



The design that we used for a super cool contest on Instagram

We love the Portuguese brand Atelier Piino so much! Beautiful handmade polymer earrings that we absolutely recommend to anyone! 

atelier piino custom needlepoint design with unwind studio



Custom Illustrations/Designs created for the perfect gift

 For a beach lover, a newly graduate student that is going to Princeton University, and young couples celebrating their wedding!   




custom needlepoint design wedding gift unwind studio   



Get in touch if you are interested!