Needlepoint Essentials for Beginners

At Unwind Studio, we know that needlepoint is an art form and creativity that can be rewarding for everyone from beginners to experts. If you're new to embroidery or looking for the perfect way to dive into this exciting hobby, you're in the right place!

Explore and find here everything you need to get started, from tutorials and necessary tools, to our wide variety of modern kits to suit all tastes.

Needlepoint Canvases by Unwind Studio

Video Instructions

How to Needlepoint

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Essential Resources

Needlepoint Tools

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Stitches for Beginners

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Finishing Tools

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Finishing Guide

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Making Modern Life More Mindful

Inspired by a passion for art, illustration, and needlepoint, founder Cristina Cerqueira hit the “great reset” on her career in early 2020 and started Unwind Studio.

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