Fern Needlepoint Kit- Stitch Guide

In this blog post we will show you a stitch guide for our "Fern" needlepoint canvas, designed by Charlie Bennell. This beautiful piece was stitched by one of our dearest customers.


Fern Stitch Guide


List of stitches used:

1- Fern Stitch

2- Double Brick Stitch

3- Straight Gobelin Stitch

4- Tent Stitch (variation)

5- Slanted Gobelin Stitch 

6- Upright Cross Stitch

7- T Stitch

8- Long Stitch

9- Chain Stitch

10- Byzantine Stitch

11- Slanted Gobelin Stitch

12- Tent Stitch (reversed)

13- Long Stitch


We hope this guide helps and inspires you on your needlepoint projects! Send us photos of your projects (finished or in progress) so we can see your beautiful renditions :)

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