Long Stitch Needlepoint Kits


    Unleash your creativity and bring your artistic vision to life with our Long Stitch Kits. Elevate your needlepoint skills and create stunning masterpieces with the simple and versatile Long Stitch (aka Satin Stitch)

    Any product from this collection can be stitched with Tent Stitch or Decorative Needlepoint Stitches, but you have a more affordable option when you opt by the "Complete Long Stitch Kit" product variant.


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    Enhance your journey with our Long Stitch Needlepoint Kits

    Long stitch is a type of needlepoint that provides you with the ability to stitch in different ways that will give beautiful effects and texture to the design you choose.

    Take your stitching experience to another level with this quick and easy needlepoint stitch. In our article How to do LongStitch / Satin Stitch, you will find a step-by-step tutorial of the long stitch and its variations and a video tutorial. Remember that these embroidery kits can also be stitched on other needlepoint stitches, if you want to choose another stitch visit our Needlepoint Stitches Library & Tutorials where you will find many to choose from.

    Create your own piece of art, and use it as decoration for your home or any place you want to fill with life and joy. Choose your favorite long-stitch embroidery kit and start stitching without limits!