This is your time to unwind!


We’re Unwind Studio. Home of truly unique, artist-designed needlepoint craft kits that, through the process of mindfully creating them, have the power to bring you back to yourself.

Charles Eames said it best when he said “take your pleasure seriously” because the time we give to taking care of ourselves is the best investment we can make.

Allowing time to be creative helps us do everything else better in life – and you have a beautiful piece of artwork to show for it at the end, which will last a lifetime.

Ready? Let’s unwind together.

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new needlepoint designs added every week! shop our contemporary craft kits collection at unwind studio



Needlepoint Starter Kit Bundle for those you want an easy start with the meditative and unwinding craft! Includes everything you need to create a beautiful project and some other cool accessories.


We curated this Needlepoint Starter Bundle as a great start for those who want to try this meditative and relaxing craft. It contains everything necessary to stitch a fun and colorful needlepoint kit, as well as many accessories and gifts, to help you stitch, store and transport your project!


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