In this blog post we will explain the scooping technique. This is a way to stitch that saves a lot of time, and can be used in a big variety of needlepoint stitches. 


What is scooping?

Scooping is a stitching technique that consists in anticipating the first hole of each next stitch, and making the needle go through two holes at once (the last hole of a stitch and the first one of the next). This way, you go directly from one stitch to the other, reducing the back and forth movement.

This is a technique used in other crafts, like cross-stitch, and can be used when stiching lots of different needlepoint stitches, like the Skippet Tent, Basketweave Tent, Long Stitch, Cashmere, Encroaching Gobelin, and many others.

However, please note that scooping can’t be done when using a needlepoint frame, because it requires the canvas to fold slightly.


How to do scooping?

We created a video tutorial where you can see the scooping technique used in various stitches.



List of stitches used in the video:

  • Skipped Tent
  • Basketweave Tent
  • Long Stitch
  • Cashmere
  • Encroaching Gobelin


This technique saves a lot of time! Give it a try the next time you work on your needlepoint project.


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