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Christmas Ornaments - Stitch Guides

Christmas Ornaments - Stitch Guides

Here you can find the stitch guides to 5 of our Christmas Needlepoint Ornaments, stitched by the talented Joana Rego. Joana chose to use various different stitches, to create a... En savoir plus
How to use a Needle Minder

How to use a Needle Minder

Do you know what a Needle Minder is, and what it is used for? Read this blog post to find out everything about this needlepoint accessory!
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament

How to Finish a Needlepoint Ornament: Video & How To

Step by step video tutorial on how to self-finish a needlepoint ornament.
Creative Gifts to Help You Unwind and Relax by Unwind Studio

Creative Gifts to Help You Unwind and Relax

For those who like the sense of accomplishment, who care about the design, who want to feel relaxed and need help with stress and mood, we've created a list of a...
why you should start shopping early Needlepoint Kits Packaging by Unwind Studio

Holiday Shopping for 2021: why you should start shopping early

During this year, you probably have heard a lot about the current shipping crisis, caused by the impacts of COVID-19 in the global supply chain. Along with labor shortages, experts... En savoir plus
World Mental Health Day: our offer to you and a friend!

World Mental Health Day: our offer to you and a friend!

In celebration of the World Mental Health Day happening today (Oct 10th), we want to share something special with you! To raise the awareness and importance of Mental Health, we will... En savoir plus
Woman wearing a tote bag with needlepoint insert

How to attach a needlepoint to a tote bag

Discover how easy it is to attach a needlepoint piece into a tote bag or a textile with similar texture/rigidity!
framed needlepoint with heart design next to a painting

Unique Needlepoint Framing Ideas

Explore some unique framing ideas to inspire you on your next needlepoint project!
Framed needlepoint rainbow illustration next to vase and books

How to frame needlepoint: Video & How To

Give a new life to your walls and decorate them with your favorite needlepoint designs with the help of this needlepoint framing tutorials!
summer needlepoint kits collection is live at Unwind Studio! The best DIY projects for your summer break!

All the details about our Summer launch!

Our new needlepoint kits created for everyone in mind: from beginners to experienced needlepointers, with many different styles to choose from!