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Needlepoint Beginner's Guide

At Unwind Studio, we know that needlepoint is an art form and creativity that can be rewarding for everyone from beginners to experts. If you're new to embroidery or looking for the perfect way to dive into this exciting hobby, you're in the right place!

Explore and find here everything you need to get started, from tutorials and necessary tools, to our wide variety of modern kits to suit all tastes.

What is Needlepoint?

Read our article and understand everything about this relaxing art!

Video Instructions

How to Needlepoint

Are you new to Needlepoint? Do you want to learn it and have some fun while unwinding? We all need some instructions to get us started and we are here to help you!

Download our Free Needlepoint Booklet

Instructions on how to start with needlepoint, how to select stitches, and a library of our favorite stitches.

About our Beginner Kits


Absolutely love Unwind Studio! I love that as a beginner I can have everything kitted to me. The booklet with suggested stitches is also so helpful!

Gloriana Wong

Not sure I'm the best reviewer since it's my first project and I just started but so far it is great. Everything is as advertised and the website has been very helpful with instructions.

Catherine Jacobs

A perfect set for yourself or as a gift! So happy with this purchase!!

Sarah Tsuruo

I’m a beginner, so this kit was a great way to find easier patterns and try needlepoint. I got the kit with finishing materials, and I love how everything is included!

Naomi Atughonu

This was a great kit to learn needlepoint!

Emma R

Has everything needed for a beginner!

Naomi Atughonu

This is my first ever time trying needlepoint, and this kit has been great. Very approachable, and I liked that the kit included everything I would need. I also used some of the tutorial videos on the site to help get me started. I just ordered two more projects from Unwind.

Layne Barker

Essential Resources

Stitching Tools

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Stitches for Beginners

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Finishing Tools

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Finishing Guide

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Blog Posts for You

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Making Modern Life More Mindful

Inspired by a passion for art, illustration, and needlepoint, founder Cristina Cerqueira hit the “great reset” on her career in early 2020 and started Unwind Studio.

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Everything you Need to get Started with Needlepoint

Learn how to needlepoint with ease, here you have everything you need to get started. Discover the needlepoint essential resources and techniques to start stitching with confidence.

Explore our carefully curated selection of needlepoint kits for beginners, designed to make your stitching experience as rewarding as possible. Each kit includes high-quality threads, a printed canvas, and step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful needlepoint projects, making it easier than ever to get started.

Master the art of needlepoint and unleash your creativity with our Beginner's Guide to Needlepoint. Whether you're a complete beginner or want to hone your skills this page is your resource for all needlepoint things.

Also, we invite you to download our booklet with all the information you need about how to start with needlepoint, key takeaways on how to select stitches, and a library of our favorite stitches, with the respective instructions on how to stitch them. Start stitching today and embark on a fulfilling creative adventure.