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Unwind Studio Artists

Bina Tangerina 

Bina Tangerina unwind studio artist needlepoint tapestry

Bina Tangerina (Sabina Louro) is an illustrator and nature lover born in 1996 in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. She has graduated in Fine Arts and since college she fell in love with printing techniques.

Now in Lisbon, she dedicates her time to illustration and to her project MAGO studio, a riso printing and illustration studio that she created with the illustrator Marcos Marcos.

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Instagram: @binatangerina


Breathe Live Explore

Breathe Live Explore unwind studio artist needlepoint tapestry kits canvas

Oris Eddu is a self taught illustrator, surface pattern designer and founder of Breathe Live Explore, that  focuses on creating unique, bold and colorful illustrations and patterns for products people need everyday such as fabrics, stationery, home decor and paper goods.

Inspired by travel, nature, and everyday life, her work tells a story that gives people hope and a reason to always Breathe, Live and Explore. She is from Nigeria and currently lives in Lagos, NG.

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Website:   Instagram: @breatheliveexplore


Dona Park

Dona Park needlepoint unwind studio artist

Dona Park is an Korean Canadian illustrator and graphic designer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She pulls inspiration from her personal cross cultural experiences, travels and living abroad, particularly interacting with nature and women from all over the world. Most of Park’s illustrations reflect small bittersweet moments of her 20s, moments women around the world can perhaps empathize with. Whether it is heartbreak, unexpected periods, or self-evaluation of our stretch marks, Park explores her own youth and the beauty of femininity.

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Website:   Instagram: @itsadona


Charlie Bennell

Charlie Bennell unwind studio artist needlepoint tapestry

Charlie Bennell is an Australian artist who works with the relationship between structured and organic shapes. She often draws inspiration from architectural spaces and reworks them with a play on colour, light/shadow and space/ void to explore how the environment around us impacts our experiences.  The imagery of doorways and staircases suggest a refresh or reframing if the mind, a sense of transience leading the viewer somewhere else. 

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Instagram: @charliebennell


Chelsea Vivash

Chelsea Vivash unwind studio artist needlepoint tapestry kits

Chelsea is an East London based artist and maker. Since returning to study furniture design, her practice has developed from an appreciation for the shape, colour and texture of everyday objects, often exploring the boundaries of functional and non-functional objects. Her most recent work combines her making skills with her love of drawing, her marquetry images based on real and imagined still life compositions.

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Website:   Instagram: @chelsea_vivash


Johanna Rossi

Johanna Rossi needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





Johanna Rossi is a British expressionist artist living in Monaco. She paints with the mission to help others carve out more moments of stillness, reflection and joy in those everyday moments. Her process starts with a blind continuous meditative drawing, from which she abstracts shapes to create the compositions of her paintings. Her passion for colour comes through in the bold colour palettes which capture the viewer's attention.

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website:   Instagram: @johannarossiart


Jonathan Lawes

Jonathan Lawes unwind studio artist needlepoint tapestry kits

Jonathan Lawes is a printmaker based in Peckham, south London, and divides his time between working as an artist and designing for a variety of interior clients. He creates prints with a distinctly graphic edge, reflecting his love of geometry, shape, and pattern. Working in a loose, organic way, abstract compositions are formed and ultimately develop as his printing process evolves. Jonathan has a keen eye for colour and layering techniques, masking some areas off while revealing flashes of intense colour in others. 

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Website:   Instagram: @jonathanlawes


Leonor Violeta

Leonor Violeta needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





Leonor Violeta is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Porto, Portugal. She likes to surprise herself and explore different approaches, themes and supports, but her work is mostly divided between experimenting cutouts/collages and digital illustration. As a common point, her works have graphic compositions and are always colourful.

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Online Shop:   Instagram: @_planetavioleta


Mari Fedi

Mari Fedi needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





Marialaura Fedi is an Italian illustrator and designer living in Rome. She studied as a painter at the Rome Fine Art Academy, then specialized in illustration working closely with great masters in the manner of Renaissance workshops.

Her research is about women and their inner feelings that are reflected in the space they occupy. She conceived the work of illustrator as a contemporary Renaissance artist, whose mission is to make subtle meanings understandable to the most

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Website:   Instagram: @mari_fedi


Monika Morito

Monika Morito needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





I’m Moni and a Designer from Munich, Germany. I’ve always dedicated my passion to illustration and art.

I love to combine minimalistic shapes with texture and let my environment and daily inspirations influence my artwork. I create my artworks both analogue and digitally or even in combination.

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Website:   Instagram: @monicamorito


Myriam Van Neste

Myriam Van Neste needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





Myriam Van Neste is an artist from Canada, currently living and working in Vienna, Austria, with her family. Formerly trained as a sculptor in Montreal, then in Helsinki, Finland, Myriam’s practice now focuses on colorful illustrations and surface pattern design. She still loves to do everything with her hands, so every project starts with scissors, colorful paper and a playful collage session. 

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Website:   Instagram: @helsinkimonamour


Olivia Sawai

Olivia Sawai needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





My name is Olivia, but I like to be called O. I am an abstract artist from Long Beach, California and I currently reside in Cambodia Town. I create my artwork using two platforms: digital work and acrylic paint. My work is heavily inspired by architecture and the environment around me. I like to pair geometric shapes with soft shapes to create balance in my work. Another element that is used in my composition is my interpretation of a camouflage pattern which adds texture to my work. The use of vibrant colors play an important role in my artwork because I enjoy pairing the colors that are complementary of one another, yet pleasing to the eye. For instance, I use a lot of yellow tones and pink tones together and then I might add a bit of cobalt blue for a finishing touch. Lastly, the message I want to convey to the public about my artwork is that it is intended to create an eclectic and relaxed vibe. 

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Instagram: @hernameiso


Paola Saliby





Paola Saliby is an illustrator and artist from Brazil. She defines her style as synthetic, emotional and playful. Paola loves working with colors to create the dreamy atmosphere of her illustrations and she loves experimenting with analog techniques, especially painting.

She is inspired by her studies into psychoanalysis and literature. Passionate about studying human behavior, she enjoys translating human emotions into images

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Website:   Instagram: @paolasaliby


Sara Bagot

Sara Bagot needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





Sara Bagot is a French artist, currently living in the Principality of Andorra. She has always been attracted to art in general, architecture, colors, shapes... It is in her passion for her profession that she draws her different inspirations. 

She wishes to re-transcribe again and again an inner peace, her imaginary and paradisiacal beaches, and this heroine, named "Lilo" that we see very often in her artworks. Her influences come from contemporary, figurative and abstract art. She likes and admires artists such as Ines Longevial or Quentin Monge, as well as the timeless Paul Gauguin

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Website:   Instagram:


Sarah Digeon

Sarah Digeon unwind studio artist needlepoint tapestry kits

Abstract artist Sarah Digeon is a former fashion designer from the UK who now lives and works in Brittany France.

Sarah uses discarded hard back book covers which are cut and pieced together like a puzzle. Her compositions are bold, abstract and geometric. Sometimes simply a conversation between colour, form and texture. Other times more playfully creating illusions of three dimensional forms that have been bent, twisted or folded in an exploration of movement and energy.

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Website:   Instagram: @sarahdigeon


Tapeto Atelier

Tapeto Atelier unwind studio artist contemporary geometric needlepoint counted canvas design
Thread and needle. These are the tools that Tapeto uses to weave the shapes and colors of Imagination. A prose between the cultural / popular tradition and its application in contemporary Brazilian aesthetics. Mona Diniz, creator of the brand, is from Minas Gerais, from Belo Horizonte.

Graduated in Design, she has worked in ceramics, is a photographer and a circus apprentice.

Tapeto believes that together we are bigger and stronger. Always looking for new partnerships. And with clients and professionals, also dedicates time to personalized projects, both in sizes and in colors, designs and supports.

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Instagram: @tapetoatelier


Teresa Rego

Teresa Rego needlepoint tapestry artist unwind studio





Teresa Rego, illustration and design studio working between Porto and London. Teresa graduated from University of Arts London and since then has created work inspired by nature, places and bold shapes. Her illustrations are created using textures, collage, printmaking and sometimes digital. Composition and colour as the main characteristic elements. Teresa has collaborated with multiple brands where her illustrations have been used on textiles, homeware, stationary or shop windows set ups.

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Website:   Instagram: