Our favorite Needlepoint Decorative Stitches

Our favorite Needlepoint Decorative Stitches

There is a really big variety of needlepoint stitches to choose when doing a needlepoint project. Some are more textured, some are better for background, or even to make main motifs standout. In this post you can find some of our favorite decorative needlepoint stitches.

We hope to inspire you to try some new and fun stitches on your next piece!

Brick Stitch

The brick stitch is considered to be one of the basic stitches to learn when you start needlepoint, as it is an easy way to create some dynamism in your canvas. This is a good stitch for both backgrounds and the main parts of the design. It can be vertically or horizontally, to achieve different effects.
Brick Stitch

Mosaic Stitch

The mosaic is a neat, flat stitch, useful for patterned areas of the design. Being small, it can be used in the background, with larger, bolder stitches making up the foreground.

Mosaic Stitch

Cashmere Diagonal Stitch

The cashmere diagonal stitch is versatile and easy to do, similar to the Mosaic Stitch. Like many other stitches, the cashmere allows for many variations, like the vertical, horizontal, or diagonal - highlighted here. 

Cashmere Stitch

Byzantine Stitch

The byzantine stitch corresponds to sequences of parallel diagonal stitches, in a vertical and horizontal direction, usually over four canvas intersections (though this may be varied, allowing creating many variations of the stitch).

Byzantine stitch

Gobelin Stitch & Variations

The gobelin stitch is a type of straight stitch used in needlepoint. This stitch is versatile and can be used for small areas (as fine details) or for large areas (as backgrounds) in needlepoint projects. Here you'll find its variations!

 Straight Gobelin  Gobelin stitch

Slanted Gobelin

Slanted Gobelin

Encroaching Gobelin

Encroaching Gobelin

French Knot Stitch

The french knot stitch is among one of the most useful and beautiful stitches in needlepoint. It can be used single as flowers, bunched tightly together to form any shape, from trees to cats.

French Knot Stitch

Woven Pattern Stitch

The woven pattern stitch is very useful to create different and unique effects in needlepoint. It's great for backgrounds or large areas, as it gives them an interesting texture, you can also use it for the sky and it would create a very nice design!

Woven Pattern Stitch

Our Recommended Needlepoint Stitches according to your Stitching needs

In our Stitch Library you can find the best filters according to skill level, how much time they take to stitch, stitch structure and what they are recommended for! Explore them below:

Stitch Structure/Type:
Straight | Diagonal | Parallel  ||  Condensed | Pattern Composite | Variation  ||  Flat | Raised Crossed | Chained | Knotted | Knitting  ||  Openwork | Solid-line | Finishing | Bargello
Recommended for:


You can find the filters definition here.


Tips to Select Needlepoint Stitches

Also, we have a detailed blog post where we explain our own process to select decorative needlepoint stitches - access it here. You just need to take into consideration some key questions, and you will easily narrow down the best stitch options for you!


Happy Stitching!

Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet
Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio
Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio
Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio

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