Upright Cross-Stitch (plus Diagonal Variation)

The Upright Cross-Stitch is a basic needlepoint stitch that creates a cross shape on the canvas. It's commonly used in to add texture, detail, and decorative elements.

Stitch Details

Upright Cross-Stitch Instructions & Diagram

You can see the diagram of this stitch below.

  • Make a vertical stitch skipping one canvas hole
  • Then move the needle one canvas hole diagonally downward to the right and insert it from back to the front
  • Make a horizontal stitch going over the first stitch (skipping a hole in the fabric), then insert the needle from the front to the back
  • Complete the row and in the next one you must put the top/bottom end of each cross in the middle of the crosses' side ends of the adjacent row

Diagonal Variation

Diagonal Upright Cross-Stitch Instructions

  • Start making a sequence of vertical stitches (from bottom to top) skipping two canvas threads each. Start the next stitch to the left of the previous one and one row up
  • When you run out of space, you will begin to make the stitches that will create the cross. At the end of the last vertical stitch move the needle one canvas intersection diagonally downward to the right
  • From that point, create a sequence of horizontal stitches (from left to right) by skipping two threads of canvas. Start the next stitch below the previous stitch and one canvas hole to the right

Stitch Guides where Upright Cross-Stitch is used

Check out our Stitch Guides where this stitch is used to get some inspiration for your needlepoint project.

If you have doubts about what stitches to choose for your project - check our Tips to select Needlepoint Stitches or Our favorite Needlepoint Decorative Stitches.
Happy stitching :)

Points décoratifs pour livret à l'aiguille
Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio
Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio
Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio

Points décoratifs pour livret à l'aiguille

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