My favorite people call me mom needlepoint pillow cushion kit

Mother's Day Gift Ideas ~ Campaign 2023

We all know mothers have superpowers, so finding some time to unwind can be a struggle - and that is where this special campaign (valid until May 5th) comes in!

Mother's day needlepoint cushion or 15% discount off by Unwind Studio

Choose your discount for a Mother's Day gift:

Option 1: 15% OFF your order

The 15% off discount code MOM15OFF can be used in any order of any kit of your choosing. Add the discount code MOM15OFF at checkout and enjoy our little gift!


Check our selection of beautiful needlepoint kits to offer at the bottom of this post! 


Option 2: FREE CANVAS over 40€/$44 

If you prefer to receive our new mother's day canvas for FREE (worth 40€; threads not included) when you buy over 40€/$44, then:

1. add the new mother's day canvas also into your shopping cart

2. add the discount code MOMFREECANVAS at checkout! 


"My Favorite People call me Mom" Needlepoint Cushion Kit "My Favorite People call me Mom" Needlepoint Cushion Kit "My Favorite People call me Mom" Needlepoint Cushion Kit


 Happy gifting!

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