Beautiful and Modern Needlepoint Kits for Mother's Day

We want to help you with the perfect gift for your very special Mum or all special women in your life!

Offering a craft kit is very unique... You're not only offering something physical, but an opportunity and the experience to create something beautiful by our own hands.

Our products are also designed by artists from all over the world, so when buying from us, you are also supporting these amazing creatives.



Teresa Rego Studio

Winter Garden

From €35,00 - €70,00

Charlie Bennell

Summer Walk

From €45,00 - €90,00

Dona Park

Dreaming in Yellow

From €35,00 - €60,00

Suzie Leahy


From €35,00 - €70,00

Kelly Knaga

My Own Garden

From €35,00 - €70,00

Emma Hall

Girl in Foliage

From €35,00 - €70,00

Rachel Lee


From €35,00 - €70,00

unwind studio

Gift Card

From €15,00 - €100,00