why you should try needlepoint

Why you should try needlepoint

Are you looking for a new hobby? A new way to explore your creativity and relax at the same time? Are you someone who likes art and manual crafts, and is looking for an activity to help you unwind? Then needlepoint is the thing for you!

Why you should learn needlepoint


What is Needlepoint?

If you have never heard of it, you may ask yourself, what is needlepoint? Needlepoint is a type of embroidery, where the stitches are worked with a needle over a canvas base. It can be found in many scales and sizes, and there is a big variety of stitches that can be used (more info here). This technique dates back to the ancient Egyptians, and its use has been documented all along history. Nowadays, needlepoint can still be found as a traditional technique, but has also grown to adapt a more contemporary aesthetic.


Now that you know what needlepoint is, here are some reasons why you should give it a try:


Needlepoint is easy to learn!

There is a big variety of beginner friendly designs available, that make it easier for people to get into this craft. Starting with a simple design, and choosing an easy stitch is a good tip for your first needlepoint piece.

Simple stitches like the tent stitch are easy to grasp and can be stepping stones into more complex ones once you get more comfortable with the technique.

Apart from providing a printed canvas which makes it easier to follow the design, our kits also come with an instruction leaflet that teaches the basics of getting started.

Once you start your first project, you will find that it is very addicting! You will want to finish row after row and experiment with different stitches, and you won’t notice the time go by.

Being a beginner myself, I feel like this type of needlework is really intuitive, and by engaging the body and the mind, it creates a rewarding experience, once the project is complete.


Art therapy!

Whenever we find ourselves in troubling times (especially after this rough year), we tend to search for things that bring us calm and alleviate some of the anxiety.

Here is where crafts like needlepoint come in. The practice of manual crafts has been linked to decreasing the symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as having a calming effect

It helps slow down the fast pace of life, and makes us focus on some simple actions, for a few moments, allowing the brain to relax. It can also be enjoyed along with other forms of art, like music, for an entertaining experience.


If you want to know more about the healing benefits of crafts, read our blog post on 6 reasons why crafts are good to your mental health and well-being!


The possibilities are endless!

Needlepoint is a fun way to explore and get the creativity juices flowing, and the possibilities of results are endless. The final product can be framed, sown into a bag or pillow, or transformed into an ornament, for example.

This makes it so the process of creating a piece of needlepoint can have a personal and intimate aspect but can also be shared collectively. It can be gifted, or even a topic of conversation among friends and family. There is also a big community of needlepoint lovers all over the world and lots of platforms for you to share your pieces of art.

Another advantage is that it is portable! Unlike other crafts like ceramics or painting, needlepoint is usually a scale that makes it easy to take it anywhere, so you can enjoy your activity in the comfort of your own home or even outdoors. If this idea interests you, our products come in a packaging that can also be used to keep your materials during your travels!


Handmade Art home decor!

Needlepoint pieces also make for great home decor! Showcase your own handmade piece of art by hanging a framed contemporary needlepoint piece. Combine a mindful activity with decorative art making by stitching your own wall decor, and customizing the framing options to fit your home aesthetic. With these textile pieces you can explore different art styles, colors and textures to bring more life into your home. Check out The Art of Selecting Art: Experts Share Unique Art Pieces for Every Room of the House to see what we had to say about this topic. 

 Gallery wall with needlepoint frames by Unwind Studio


Take Your Pleasure Seriously

And finally, Charles Eames said it best when he said "Take your pleasure seriously" because the time we give to taking care of ourselves is the best investment we can make.

Allowing time to be creative helps us do everything else better in life - and you'll have a beautiful piece of artwork to show for it at the end, which will last a lifetime!


Needlepoint Inspiration

If you are looking for some inspiration to get you started, here are some artists working with needlepoint!


Maria E Pineres

Visit her website here.

Maria Pineres is a Colombian artist, based in the US, who combines traditional fiber and needle arts with themes of pop culture in visual art.


Maria Pineres needlepoint art


Maria Pineres Needlepoint art




Liz Collins

Visit her website here.

Liz Collins is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She works between art and design, with an emphasis and expertise in textile media.


Liz Collins needlepoint art

First Explosion, 2011-2012


liz collins needlepoint art

Grid Play, 2017



These are only some examples of ways needlepoint can be worked, there is still a world of inspiration to discover!

We hope that these ideas motivated you to pick up this craft, whether you are more interested in the calming and meditative effects of it, or you want to explore the creative side, and experiment with colors, designs, textures, and patterns. Or both!

If you read this post, and you are interested in trying it out, take a look at our beautiful modern needlepoint kits collections, where you can find many kits for beginners, all the way to more complex ones, as well as lots of materials, information and tutorials on how to get started.

Let’s explore needlepoint together,

Beatriz :)


Why you should learn needlepoint

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Why you should try needlepoint

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