Toiles et kits personnalisés

Create with us a bespoke product to help your customers to unwind.

We can customize a needlepoint kit according to a specific illustration/artwork at your request, including your branding in our beautiful & giftable packaging.

We would love to create a needlepoint craft kit made specially for your shop or brand!


For a custom order, we need to produce at least 30 units of the same design/product.

Final cost will depend on the size of the printed canvas and the number of different colors in the artwork.

These are the main costs that we take into consideration:

  • cost of printed canvas
  • cost of threads
  • if needed: cost of labelling customization: single fee
  • if needed: cost of artwork adaptation: single fee

Get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail.

The complete process, including the time to prepare the artwork (and adapt it if needed) and perform printing tests and color adjustment tests, takes around 4 to 5 weeks.

The complete timeline to deliver the custom kits will depend on the total order quantity.

All the custom needlepoint kits include:

  • Artwork printed in premium interlock canvas, with edges sewed with cotton bias tape
  • 2 Tapestry needles
  • Threads with enough quantity to stitch with the continental tent stitch
  • Needlepoint booklet with instructions on starting needlepoint, tips for selecting needlepoint stitches, and a library of favorite stitches
  • If needed: Flyer with the color threads mapping so you can start stitching quickly

All items are packed in our beautiful & giftable package, which includes custom labelling too. More details about this in the FAQ below.

Yes, absolutely. The packaging for a custom order includes specific labelling created for the product.

The customization is defined together with you, which also includes your logotype.

If you want to produce a complete white-label product, please get in touch to discuss the details.

At the moment we don't have capacity to produce custom needlepoint canvases or kits for individuals that only require 1 unit of a bespoke product. We'll be able to resume this service during 2024. Stay tuned!

Other questions? Get in touch!

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