Point d'aiguille pour les enfants : couture de base

We want needlepoint for kids to be a fun time stitching their favorite design. To make it easier for the little ones we created short videos explaining the basics of needlepoint.

Step 1: Threading the Needle

Learn how to thread a needle using the needle threader included in the kits for kids!

Step 2: Starting Off & the Waste Knot

Let's start stitching and learn how to do the waste knot!

Step 3: How to Stitch - Tent Stitch

Learn how to stitch step-by-step with this video tutorial!

Step 4: How to Stitch - Longstitch

Learn how to do longstitch with this easy tutorial.

Step 5: Finish the Thread

Learn how to finish your thread with ease!

Needlepoint Tutorials for Kids

Needlepoint can sometimes be complicated, but it has so many benefits that we believe it deserves to be tried. As we know that all parents like to find healthy and fun activities for their kids, we've created these short needlepoint tutorials to help your kids enjoy stitching even more.

Enhance your kids' creativity with our colorful needlepoint kits for kids. Designed to be a unique activity, you can create beautiful pieces of art with them.

With these needlepoint tutorials for kids, they will learn: How to Thread the needle, How to Start stitching, How to Do the Waste Knot, How to Stitch with Tent Stitch, How to Stitch with Longstitch, and How to Finish the Thread. Have fun and start stitching!