How to Finish a Needlepoint Acrylic Clutch/Purse

How to Self Finish a Needlepoint Acrylic Clutch: Video & How To

In a world dominated by mass-produced accessories, there's something undeniably special about creating your own statement pieces. Imagine carrying a clutch or purse that not only complements your outfit but also showcases your creativity and crafting abilities...You can do it with Needlepoint!

needlepoint clutch purse

If you've ever dreamed of adding a personalized touch to your accessory collection, then this tutorial is tailor-made for you - easy, with few steps & materials needed!

How to self finish a Needlepoint Acrylic Clutch/Purse - Easy Video Tutorial

We created a simple video tutorial where you can see how to finish a needlepoint acrylic clutch or purse with a very easy method.

In this video, we used our Pansy Parade Needlepoint Kit, but you can explore our Needlepoint Clutch collection and choose the one that fits you best!


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Materials you'll need:

 -The finished needlepoint canvas
- The acrylic clutch (you can find it in our Amazon Store!)
- Fabric scissors
- Self-adhesive velvet fabric for the backing
- Pre-cut mat board
- Fabric Clips
- Textile Glue

How to Finish Needlepoint Zippered Pouch: Step-by-Step Instructions!


  1.  Firstly, start by trimming the corners of your excess canvas to prepare it for the binding stitch and avoid bulk

  2. Cut two triangles on each corner but be careful not to cut too close to the edge of the stitched canvas - you will need the space between the cuts and the stitched piece to fold the excess canvas properly and do the binding stitch.

  3. Then, do the binding stitch around all the canvas. We have a dedicated Binding Stitch Tutorial, go check it out if you don't know how to do it!

  4. Grab your mat board, place it in the back of the stitching, and secure it by folding the excess canvas - The size of the mat board should be slightly smaller than the size of the stitched canvas.

  5. Next, test to see if your canvas fits the acrylic clutch perfectly.

  6. Now it's time to apply the textile glue between the canvas and the mat board.
  7. When you're finished applying the glue, secure it with the fabric clips and wait for it to dry. 

  8. Once you're sure it is dry, it's time to take the clips off and pick the self-adhesive velvet to apply it on top (the velvet should be previously cut
    to fit the back of the canvas perfectly).

  9. Then, you just have to peel the back off and start sticking it in place
    making sure it is all smooth. Check to see if everything is in place,
    and you can now cut some excess velvet if you see the need to.

  10. Now, the moment we've been waiting for: placing the canvas inside the acrylic clutch! And that's it, now you can fill it with your favorite stuff and rock your new handmade purse :)

pansy parade clutch

Inserts for Acrylic Clutch

We hope this tutorial was useful and clear for you to learn how to do your own Needlepoint Acrylic Purse!

If you want to learn more about what you can do with your finished needlepoint, or simply get inspired for your next project, check out our DIY Needlepoint Finishing resources!


Happy Stitching!

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