Take a look inside: Unwind Studio Team & Office!


Hi friends!

Our team has grown this year, and we really want you all to know it better and connect with our small business even more.

At this point, there are six super cool and inspiring women of different ages and backgrounds working at our little studio every day to keep innovating and spreading the love for needlepoint to all of you.

We're proudly based in Porto - the most beautiful city in the world, by the way - and this is where the magic happens and your orders are prepared with all the love and care they deserve.

So come meet us and take a look at our cute little studio!

Meet Our Team!

unwind studio team

Cristina, Founder & Creative

Many happy memories from her childhood are the ones where she's doing needlepoint! At the time, she couldn't imagine that her childish creations would now be hanging in her daughters' room, let alone one day she would create a business related to this craft!

She loves curating new designs and working together with the artists to translate them to needlepoint, but she also deeply loves working on a pivot table in Excel! The best part of this adventure is that she can continue to work with data and tech!

She has tons of favorite designs, so it's very hard to pick just one...but from the recent designs, she's been loving to work on Sunflower!

What does she do to unwind? Needlepoint of course, while watching Netflix :)

Cristina Unwind Studio Team

Susana, Studio Ops Coordinator

Mother of two children and with a very different previous professional experience, she arrived at Unwind Studio in May 2022 and is now the one who packs and sends all orders with love and care!

The most interesting part of her job is customer support and understanding the stories and projects behind each design. Her favorite one is Highnoon! The richness and strength of the colors remind her of late summer afternoons.

In fact, her favorite way to unwind is to sit by the sea, with a group of friends, at the end of a hot afternoon, and enjoy the sunset.

Susana Unwind Studio Team

Helena, Studio Ops Assistant

After 38 years of professional activity, Helena is now a part of our team. She helped Cristina at the beginning of the project and now works at our studio part-time helping Susana with the orders. You can thank her for the quality of our canvases - she is the one on the sewing machine applying the cotton bias tape!

Her favorite part of the job is being surrounded by people, the team loves to hear her funny stories and she is always ready to grab a little sweet to brighten our day :)

To unwind, she likes to go for walks since it is "free and good for you", as she said, and her favorite design is the Folk Goose, which she is currently working on!

Helena Unwind Studio Team

Cátia, Communications Manager

Cátia is a very artistic person and loves to create, in fact, it was the opportunity to work in such an art-focused business that first drew her to this role.

Her daily responsibilities are all things social: social media, email, blog and PR, but she also loves to help with her illustration skills. The best part of the job is being able to create an idea from nothing and see it come alive, even if it's "just" an Instagram reel.

Her favorite design is a recent one: Fox in Autumnal Leaves. She has been obsessed with foxes since she was young and loves fall, so it only makes sense. To unwind, she likes to "get in the zone" by drawing on her sketchbook or iPad.

Cátia Unwind Studio Team

Yenisey, SEO & Paid Media Specialist

Meet Yenisey. She joined the Unwind Studio team as an intern in August 2023 to expand her knowledge in her field of study. She is a very analytical person, and what excites her most about her job is the possibility of putting her theoretical knowledge into practice.

In her free time, she is passionate about reading, especially thriller, self-help, and romance genres, and this activity helps her unwind. Her favorite design is Happy Flowers, she loves pastel colors and it reminds her of spring (her favorite season).

Yenisey Unwind Studio Team

Beatriz, Summer Internship - Digital Marketing

Bia is a creative mind. Currently, at Unwind Studio, she finds herself immersed in a summer internship, where she discovers that her favorite part of the job is its boundless creativity. She worked on building our new website, as well as helping Cátia with content creation and developing her skills in photography and editing.

Her favorite design is Colorful Jungle and to unwind, she cooks and creates content for her Instagram page “Na Cozinha com a Bia”, where her love for social media and food meet. 

Bia Unwind Studio Team


Our Studio

We try to keep the office functional and organized (in our own way) but still fun, colorful, and filled with needlepoint everywhere, to keep the team inspired :)

office details unwind studio

office details unwind studio

unwind studio office details

unwind studio office details