Although a bit complicated initially, french knots are easy to work once you know exactly how to hold the thread, and are among the most useful and beautiful stitches in needlepoint.

They can be used single as flowers, bunched tightly together to form any shape, from trees to cats, for instance. The knot is worked as shown in the diagram and video tutorial bellow.

French Knot Stitch Instructions & Diagram

  • Secure the thread firmly on the back of the canvas and bring the needle and all the thread through to the front where the knot is required.

  • Hold the thread fairly taut with your left hand about 2cm (1’’) away from the canvas, using your index and middle finger (or thumb and index), to create sometension.
  • Twist the needle round the taut thread once (small knot), or twice (large knot).
  • Insert the needle with the thread down towards the canvas and insert into any of the adjacent holes. Make sure the knot is resting on the canvas and pull the needle through to the back.

The aspect of the knot should be similar to what you see on the diagram.

French Knot Stitch Video Tutorial


If you have doubts about what stitches to choose for your project - check our Tips to select Needlepoint Stitches or Our favourite Needlepoint Decorative Stitches. You can also draw inspiration from our Stitch Guides!

Happy stitching :)

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