How Crafts Can Help You Stop Your Phone Addiction/Reduce Screen Time

Did you know that crafts like needlepoint can have a great impact on your general well-being and mental health?
From our quick research, we found that the global average screen time for people (16-64) in 2023 was 6 hours 37 minutes per day, which is the equivalent of more or less 44% of our waking hours (info from Independent Advisor).
This average is concerning for so many reasons and we know that a lot of people are working towards the goal of reducing their screen time this year, so let us help you!

Life is what happens outside the screen...

Spending so much time looking at a screen can be extremely anxiety-inducing and it's often our easy way out to cure boredom and procrastine. Then, we feel bad for spending the last two hours (it probably felt like 20 minutes) on social media, and the cycle repeats itself day after day. 

Sometimes we feel anxious, sad, and depressed and don't even understand that our phone addiction can be the root of these problems, adding this disconnection from the "outside world" to our daily routines.

Choosing to do something else, to break free of this addicting routine is not always easy, but it's gratifying and boosts our self-confidence a lot - we feel like we can do it. We are indeed in control of our lives!

Give Needlepoint a Try!

 Of course we are biased and we will advise you to try this craft we love so much, but honestly, any other hobby can help - reading, journaling, drawing, learning a new instrument, running, yoga...the list is endless. 

But if you're probably are interested in crafts or are looking for motivation to finally give needlepoint a chance!

We know what might go through your head - it's difficult, it's time-consuming, I'm not good with crafty activities...we've heard it all before. Some of these are actually just pre-conceived ideas that we're constantly trying to demystify. 

That's why we have a dedicated blog post on this topic: How to Start Needlepoint: Barriers and how to overcome them. We help you get through some common beliefs such as being difficult, not having time, being too costly, etc.

We're not saying it's easy to convince yourself to let go of your phone/tablet/computer/TV or whatever screen you're glued to and start an activity that will demand more of your mind and body than just mindless scrolling. But we're saying it is 100% worth it!
If you're interested in trying needlepoint, we advise you to start with our beginner-friendly kits (these include everything you need to start), and explore our Beginner's Guide where you can find lots of resources to help you on your journey.

Here are some of our tips to make it an easier transition:

1. Set Clear Boundaries with Your Screen:

Establish specific times or situations when phone usage is off-limits. For example, designate certain hours of the day as "phone-free" or create phone-free zones in your home, and these become the "creatives hours/zones" where you focus on crafting and have some mindful rest time while being creatively stimulated. 

2. Use Technology to Limit Technology:

Search for apps or features on your phone to help limit screen time. There are numerous apps available that allow you to set daily limits on screen time, block distracting apps, or even track your phone usage habits. By leveraging technology in this way, you can gradually reduce dependency on your phone and allocate more time to crafting. 

3. Create a Supportive Environment:

Surround yourself with supportive influences that encourage you to disconnect from your phone. This could involve inviting your loved ones to join you on your craft journey and create quality time together. Having a support network can provide accountability and motivation to stay committed to your intention of letting go of your phone.

We hope this blog post can be the motivation you need to break free from the cycle of digital dependence, reconnect with your creativity, and rediscover the happiness of doing something you love outside the screen. 

Happy stitching!!