Olivia Sawai


    My name is Olivia, but I like to be called O. I am an abstract artist from Long Beach, California and I currently reside in Cambodia Town. I create my artwork using two platforms: digital work and acrylic paint.

    My work is heavily inspired by architecture and the environment around me. I like to pair geometric shapes with soft shapes to create balance in my work. Another element that is used in my composition is my interpretation of a camouflage pattern which adds texture to my work. The use of vibrant colors play an important role in my artwork because I enjoy pairing the colors that are complementary of one another, yet pleasing to the eye. For instance, I use a lot of yellow tones and pink tones together and then I might add a bit of cobalt blue for a finishing touch.

    Lastly, the message I want to convey to the public about my artwork is that it is intended to create an eclectic and relaxed vibe. 

    Instagram: @sawai.co

    Website: https://www.sawai.shop/


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