Special Events & Corporate Gifts

Looking for some cool and one-of-a-kind gifts to say “thank you” to your team? Do you want to build relationships through a mindful and fun activity? Or just teach a new skill that has multiple benefits to your classroom? Our Needlepoint Service has your back!

Choose your favorite Needlepoint Kits and feature Unwind Studio on your special occasion, you can even customize your order according to your branding! Depending on the number of kits ordered, we give you a trade discount.

How does it work?

Basaloreak Needlepoint Kit by Unwind Studio

Create it Unique

Customize your kits with your company logo or with a personal printed message for your gift note.

Pastel Waves Sunglasses Case Needlepoint Kit by Unwind Studio

More than Just a Kit

Enjoy our beautiful eco-friendly packaging with our portable tubes or custom-made boxes, making them a perfect gift for you or a friend.

Happy Flowers Needlepoint Kit (square) by Unwind Studio

According to your Needs

We want to help you no matter how many products you want, there is no minimum order for us to assist you.



Everything is here and it looks perfect!! Thank you SO MUCH for working with me to get everything here on time. We're so excited for the event tomorrow and we'll be sure to let you know how it goes!!

Dana Barclay

This past spring some of the staff found a love for needlepoint through some beginner kits I donated to give them rest as helpers and so they’ve been excited and looking forward to sharing those wonderful, creative benefits with the kids this summer as well. Passing on the love and skill set of needlework

Annie Spradley

We are so grateful and can’t wait for the kiddos to have this experience!

Kaitlyn Mullens

You are the absolute BEST!! cannot thank you enough!!


Couldn’t have done it without the kind and generous  @unwind.studio team and their fab kits! so excited!


Thank you @unwind.studio for the Needlepoint Kits! These kiddos are absolutely loving it!

For the nation’s refugees

I am a therapist and I run needlepoint and game groups for teens struggling with social skills, anxiety, or self harm. I teach them needlepointing as a coping skill and a way to build their confidence through mastering an art. Kiddos will talk so much more when their hands are busy!

Eve Andrews

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