About Us

There is something magical about taking the time to make something with our own hands. Slowing down, unwinding and seeing a beautiful product come to life is transformational.

At Unwind Studio we collaborate with artists from all over the world, supporting and showcasing their work through needlepoint.

Our aim is to change how people perceive crafts. Our mission is connected with the Bauhaus Manifesto, we also believe that "there are no barriers between handicrafts and sculpture or painting; they are all one: building".




Our Values



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To deliver a product that encourages you to create and unwind at the same time. We are living in a moment where manual crafts are getting more attention, as people are realizing that is a good way to slowdown and relax from the day to day. 

By investing in manual crafts, we are investing in ourselves. Stitching alone, or together in community, slowing down and freeing up our minds in order to appreciate more what really matters in life.


"Take Your Pleasure Seriously."


This Charles Eames's quotation is our motto! "For Eames this meant turning design—his pleasure—into his work, but that may not be the best course of action for everyone. Sometimes it just means taking your hobbies and interests more seriously, rather than relegating them to the time you can scrounge up here and there. Make them important, because having fun and enjoying yourself is important." (from here)

Read more about the benefits of crafts for your well-being on this blog post. We are also sharing important articles on the topic.



Empowering Creativity

empowering creativity through the manual crafts of needlepoint

Image from Unplash by artist Shayna Douglas.

When buying from unwind studio, you are also supporting amazing artists from all over the world, by paying for their work. It's also a good opportunity to build and re-create something beautiful, that will be cherished for a long time.


Designed by artists, prepared by us, created by you.


Just like the amazing global community of artists Society6, we empower the creativity of artists, and also yourself! 

In each needlepoint canvas, there are unlimited possibilities of personal interpretation and how the end product will look like. It's an unique experience that will enable you to create in a relaxing and satisfying way.

We are truly believers and promoters of the Bauhaus Manifesto, which defends that manual crafts are just as valuable as other forms of art like sculpture or painting. "The ultimate goal of all art is the building!"



Contribution to a Better World

our contribution to a ethical diverse inclusive world unwind studio


"You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in."


This sentence by Eliezer Yudkowsky resonates immensely with us. What should be our role in society? We don't have an exact answer for this, but for sure we want to contribute for a better world, by supporting a variety of causes.


Protecting our Children

Every sold canvas from our Needlepoint Kids collection will contribute with 10% to be donated to worldwide organizations that are fighting to ensure the rights and well-being of children. Our children are our future, and it's devastating to continuously see millions of children being affected daily by war, poverty, and human rights abuse.


Inclusion & Diversity

We will be continuously promoting specific products to support the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. Moreover, and more importantly, we are committing to ensure equality and diversity among our unwind studio artists, not only representing more Black artists, but other minority groups.


Intersectional Environmentalist

Through our collaboration with the needlepoint artist Brooke Thorn McGowan from Thorn Alexander, we are donating of 10% of the printed canvas price, to the Intersectional Environmentalism (IE) organization. IE is an inclusive version of environmentalism that advocates for both the protection of people and the planet. For more information, you can access their website here, and read our blog post here.








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