PDF Patterns/Charts for Needlepoint or Cross-Stitch


    Both Needlepoint and Cross-stitch are embroidery techniques that follow the same concept of stitching a square-defined design, with a specific color thread to cover it.

    In a printed canvas or fabric, you just need to follow through the colors in the canvas and select the right color thread to cover it. With a counted needlepoint canvas (or cross-stitch embroidery), you don’t have the design printed but rather a charted design pattern to guide you when stitching.

    Below you can find the products where we have a PDF chart available for purchase:


    Elevate Your Crafting Experience with Our PDF Needlepoint Charts

    Explore the world of needlepoint with this faster and more affordable alternative to traditional needlepoint kits. In this collection, you will find all our Needlepoint Charts available for digital download. Once you have the pattern you can explore your creativity to the fullest.

    When following a needlepoint chart, you must remember that you cannot make different stitches, only stitches that go over one single intersection of the canvas are allowed.

    In our article How to read a Needlepoint Chart Pattern, you will find all the steps to follow to complete this type of project. Remember that you can use a needlepoint chart to do a cross-stitch project, and vice-versa, you can create a needlepoint project from a cross-stitch chart.