PDF Patterns for Needlepoint or Cross-Stitch


    Counted vs Printed Designs

    Both Needlepoint and Cross-stitch are embroidery techniques that follow the same concept of stitching a square-defined design, with a specific color thread to cover it.

    In a printed canvas or fabric, you just need to follow through the colors in the canvas and select the right color thread to cover it. Our kits comes with clear instructions on how to select the color thread for each section of the design.

    With a counted needlepoint (or cross-stitch) canvas, you don’t have the design printed but rather a charted design pattern to guide you when stitching.

    Counted Needlepoint options:

    These are the product options you can find in our store, for counted needlepoint patterns:

    • PDF Download Only with the charted design. The document will also include instructions on how to start, and our thread color recommendations for the specific design.
    • PDF Download + Blank Canvas + Threads: complete kit with a Zweigart Penelope canvas (double-threaded 10 mesh count) and the necessary DMC Soft Cotton threads, plus the PDF document with detailed instructions and pattern design chart.
    • Or: PDF Download + Printed Canvas with or without Threads included: printed design in a Zweigart monocanvas (14 mesh count or 10 mesh count) and the option to include DMC Soft Cotton threads. The PDF document with detailed instructions and pattern design chart is also included.

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