Unwind Studio Gift Box


    Give the experience of creating a unique moment to unwind. These boxes are carefully designed to create the perfect environment to relax and enjoy quality time. Imagine opening a beautiful box filled with a scented candle, an aromatic infusion, an embroidery kit, and accessories for your project. Relax, breathe, and rediscover the joy of your own company.


    Explore our Gift Boxes and Gift a Crafting Experience

    If you are looking for the perfect craft gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, to escape from the routine and have a relaxing experience, you need to explore our gift boxes where you will get a completely relaxing experience with our scented candles, organic infusion, the needlepoint kit of your choice and accessories that will complement your day to day life like our embroidery stickers, embroidery scissors, a tote bag and a needle minder so you don't lose your needle.

    If you are looking for craft gift ideas with these wonderful boxes you can give the perfect experience to your loved ones. Give them a time of self-care and tranquility so they can fill up with energy.

    Explore the mental health benefits of needlepoint to convince yourself that it's the perfect gift.