The T-Stitch is a basic needlepoint stitch. It's called T-Stitch because it creates a pattern that resembles the letter "T" when viewed from the front. This stitch is perfect to:

  • create light patterned textures in background areas
  • use in large areas for a quick stitching

    Stitch Details

      T-Stitch Instructions & Diagram

      You can see the diagram of this stitch below. 

      • Begin your stitching from the bottom left corner of the area you want to cover with the T-Stitch
      • Secure your thread on the backside of the canvas by making a small knot or stitching over the tail with your first few stitches
      • Insert the needle from the back of the canvas to the front at the bottom left corner of the first square or intersection of canvas threads
      • Stitch this pattern in horizontal rows, skipping one canvas intersection as you progress
      • When the time comes to knit back in the opposite direction, your stitch will cross the middle of the stitch from the previous row
      • Keep the tension of your stitches consistent throughout your stitching to ensure a neat and even appearance.

      T-Stitch Variations

      When you need a even more lighter and quicker stitch for your background area, you can adjust this T-Stitch with a variation by adding more non-stitched intersections between each stitch in each line. See the picture below as an example, where we added 2 "empty" intersections between each stitch per line:


      Stitch Guides where T-Stitch is used

      Check out our Stitch Guides where this stitch is used to get some inspiration for your needlepoint project.

      If you have doubts about what stitches to choose for your project - check our Tips to select Needlepoint Stitches or Our favorite Needlepoint Decorative Stitches.
      Happy stitching :)

      Points décoratifs pour livret à l'aiguille
      Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio
      Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio
      Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint Booklet by Unwind Studio

      Points décoratifs pour livret à l'aiguille

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