In celebration of the World Mental Health Day happening today (Oct 10th), we want to share something special with you!

To raise the awareness and importance of Mental Health, we will be offering* two newest "Take Your Pleasure Seriously" needlepoint canvases: one for you, and another for a beloved one of yours.

(see below conditions of the campaign)



Modern life is crazy. We work too much. We can’t switch off. Our minds are always on – no wonder stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia are on the rise.

We’re starting to realize the importance of getting back to our essential human nature; making time to play, relax and just be.

That’s why crafts are having a renaissance right now. The methodical, manual, meditative nature of crafts keeps your mind focused while keeping your hands busy, which allows you to tune out of the mental noise for a change.

The more we do it, the more we realize how much we need it – and that it make us better people: calmer, happier and more inspired. (With a collection of beautifully designed crafts to show for it, too.)


That is why we are offering you not one but two canvases! So that you can share the joy and benefits of needlepoint (and crafts in general!) with the ones you care mostly.


This is your time to unwind.



Terms & Conditions of the offer:

  • One canvas of each color will be added to your cart automatically, but if you prefer a different combination let us know in the checkout note!
  • Threads are not included
  • Orders with this offer will be shipped on Oct 14th
  • Valid for all order over 50€ ($57)
  • Until Oct 13th 23:59 GMT
  • Not applicable to our Etsy store


With Love,

Needlepoint Design Color Red

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