New to Needlepoint? Here's what you can find in a kit

Welcome to the wonderful world of needlepoint! This classic craft has been cherished for centuries, and it's a fantastic way to unwind, express your creativity, and produce beautiful, lasting pieces of art. But you might be curious, why should you opt for a kit? What does a needlepoint kit include?

We're here to help, so here's what you can find in the perfect needlepoint kit!

What Are Needlepoint Kits?

Needlepoint kits are usually curated packages that contain all the materials and instructions needed to complete a needlepoint project. Needlepoint kits are carefully thought out to provide every stitcher the opportunity to have a smooth and enjoyable experience with needlepoint, regardless of their skill level. Below we will describe in more detail each element that is part of a needlepoint kit! of two of our beginner needlepoint kits - Floral Study 2 and Chama River

Choosing a needlepoint kit for your first project has lots of advantages, such as:

1. Saves you a lot of trouble and time:

We choose everything for you - The best threads for your canvas type, the matching colors to the design, and the right quantity for your project size. We don't expect beginners (or anyone, for that matter) to be experts on the subject, so we take these responsibilities away by curating the kit's elements ourselves.

2. It comes with everything you need:

Needlepoint kits gather the main supplies you need for your project: a canvas with a printed or hand-painted design, threads, needles & instructions. You don't need to waste time gathering these materials, it's all already pre-packed for you! The only thing you need to buy separately is an embroidery scissor.

3. It's easy to learn:

A needlepoint kit will offer you an instruction booklet on how to start and complete the project, as well as lots of suggestions of needlepoint stitches you can learn, with step-by-step instructions and diagrams. You also get reminded through the QR codes on the box and booklet, that we have lots of free learning materials available online!

4. You get to choose:

We always advise beginners to start small, but our kits come in a range of sizes, difficulty levels, and design options. You'll certainly be able to find a needlepoint kit that suits your taste!

What’s Included in our Needlepoint Kits?

The best needlepoint kits include everything you need to get started, below you can see an illustration of our kits' contents - let's explore them one by one!


Needlepoint Canvas: 
This one is probably the most important, it's the base of the project and you should look for some quality & well-produced canvases. Unwind Studio’s needlepoint kits include the original designs printed on premium Zweigart interlock canvas, with edges sewed with cotton bias tape - this will ensure a high-quality and durable base for your project!

Threads are also a crucial part of the process, they should be adapted to the size and type of project and should also opt for good quality ones if you want the art piece to last. All of our kits include high-quality threads with enough quantity to stitch with the continental tent stitch - this ensures you never run out of thread in the middle of your project.


Every kit comes with two tapestry needles, perfectly suited for the included canvas and threads. Having the right needles makes a significant difference in the ease and enjoyment of stitching.

Needlepoint booklet with instructions: 
We always provide a comprehensive needlepoint booklet with instructions on starting needlepoint, tips for selecting stitches, and a library of favorite stitches. This structured guidance is invaluable for beginners and experienced stitchers alike! Additionally, you'll also get a flyer with the original artwork and a color map to match the chosen threads to the colored areas of your design, in order to help you further.

Portable & Reusable Packaging:
The packaging of Unwind Studio’s kits is both portable and sustainable, making it perfect for gifting or repurposing. The bespoke packaging not only protects the contents but also adds an extra touch of elegance and thoughtfulness, whether you’re treating yourself or gifting someone special.

How to Choose the Right Project for You

If you want to purchase a kit but don't know how to choose the right project, check our dedicated blog post How to Choose the Right Needlepoint Project, where you'll find all of our tips to make the decision process easier and ensure an enjoyable experience with the craft!

Needlepoint Beginner Starter Kits

beginner starter kit is always our recommendation to start with Needlepoint. You're not only getting a Needlepoint kit with all the instructions, threads, and needles, but also some very useful extra tools that will complement your creative journey from the start: embroidery scissors, needle minder, needle threaders, and a stitch unpicker!



Needlepoint kits are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to explore this timeless craft, especially beginners. They offer convenience, quality, and a structured approach to needlepoint that makes the learning process enjoyable and stress-free. With everything you need in one package—canvas, threads, needles, and detailed instructions—you can dive straight into your project without the hassle of sourcing materials. So why wait?

Happy stitching!!