In this blog post we will show you a stitch guide for all the needlepoint stitches used in this Elephants needlepoint canvas, designed by Rachel Lee. This beautiful piece was stitched by our dearest customer Joana Rego, and she decided to use many different stitches to create the feeling of texture and patterns.

Joana is an experienced needlepoint crafter, so these stitches vary in difficulty level, but we pair them along with diagrams, so you can easily recreate them, and master even the hardest ones! 


Stitch Guide Mapping

stitch guide of needlepoint canvas with illustration of elephants


Diagrams of the needlepoint stitches used: 


1- Long stitch

long stitch needlepoint diagram

2- Kennan Stitch Kennan stitch needlepoint diagram

2- Chain Stitchchain needlepoint stitch diagram4- Turkey Work Stitch (with vertical lock)turkey work needlepoint stitch diagram

5- Milanese Stitch

milanese needlepoint stitch diagram

6- Hungarian Stitch

hungarian needlepoint stitch diagram

7- Hourglass Cross Stitch

Hourglass cross needlepoint stitch diagram

8- Double Brick Stitch

double brick needlepoint stitch diagram

9- Brick Cashmere Stitchbrick cashmere needlepoint stitch diagram

10- Joana found this stitch on Pinterest, and we can't figure out the name, so if you know what it's called, tell us!

needlepoint stitch diagram

11- Gobelin Stitch

gobelin needlepoint stitch diagram

12- Encroaching Gobelin Stitch

encroaching gobelin needlepoint stitch diagram

13- Upright Cross Stitch

upright cross needlepoint stitch diagram

Any questions let us know in the comments section.

Happy Stitching!