Free Agrumes Canvas!

Receive free "Agrumes" canvas, only until September 11th! 

This beautiful summery citrus design "Agrumes", created by Ana Popescu, is sure to brighten your day!

With every purchase over 50€ ($61) on our website we will include in your package this free “Agrumes” needlepoint canvas! *

 free agrumes canvas by Unwind studio


The reason why we’re not selling these canvases is because they have a small defect: the warp and weft of the canvas are not perfectly aligned, which causes the design to be misaligned with the mesh. This happens because the cotton of the canvas is a natural living fiber, which makes it so it cannot be fixed to an immovable fabric.

The defect is very small, not affecting the design itself, and you can easily fix it by stitching a few more rows to cover the faulty area. Here you can see an example of a misaligned canvas.


free agrumes canvas defect

Unfortunately we have tons of canvases that we can’t sell due to this defect, and to clean the inventory to make room for the new collection, we decided to create this offer for our lovely customers to enjoy! 


In order to receive this free canvas, you don't have to do anything. We will simply add it to your package when processing the order. 


*Please note that this offer doesn't include the matching threads and the edges of the canvas are not binded with our signature cotton bias tape.


Happy stitching!