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How to read a needlepoint chat pattern

How to read a Needlepoint Chart Pattern

Needlepoint charts are one of the many ways possible to create a needlepoint project, like using a printed canvas or a hand painted canvas.   What is a needlepoint chart?... Read More
Tips to encourage your kids to start crafting!

Tips to encourage your kids to start crafting!

Crafts can be a wonderful activity to include in a children's routine, since it has many benefits! In this blogpost we are sharing some ways to make your kid love...
Needlepoint tips for beginners

Needlepoint tips for beginners

Starting a new craft can be a bit tricky, but overall it’s an exciting experience! Here are some of our tips for needlepoint beginners, or anyone who finds them helpful!
Needlepoint Scooping tutorial

All about needlepoint scooping

In this blog post we will explain the scooping technique. This is a way to stitch that saves a lot of time, and can be used in a big variety... Read More
tent stitch continental basketweave half-cross how to video

Tent Stitch and its variations every stitcher should know

Everything you need to know about the Tent Stitch, the most common stitch in needlepoint!
How to do Needlepoint with or without a frame

How to do Needlepoint with or without a frame

Do you need a frame to needlepoint? We see this question come up a lot in the needlepoint community, and the answer is simple: you don't need to use a needlepoint...
Clay Belly Needlepoint Kit by Unwind Studio

What is Needlepoint?

In this blog post we'll talk about the origins of needlepoint, how it was originally used and how it's seen nowadays, as well as other interesting information about this craft!
How to use a Needle Minder

How to use a Needle Minder

Do you know what a Needle Minder is, and what it is used for? Read this blog post to find out everything about this needlepoint accessory!
why you should try needlepoint

Why you should try needlepoint

Are you looking for a new hobby? A new way to explore your creativity and relax at the same time? Are you someone who likes art and manual crafts, and...
6 reasons why crafts are good for your mental health and well-being

Why Crafts are good for Mental Health and Well-Being

Sharing with you 6 reasons why crafts are good for your well-being and mental health.