Colorful Jungle Needlepoint Kit - Stitch Guide: 3 Versions

In this blog post, we will show you the stitch guide for our Colorful Jungle needlepoint canvas, designed by Myriam Van Neste.


Colorful Jungle Stitch Guide - Version 1

Colorful Jungle Stitch Guide


Needlepoint Stitches Used

1 - Upright Cross Stitch

needlepoint upright cross stitch

2 - Longstitch

Needlepoint Longstitch

3 - French Knots

needlepoint french knot

4 - Cashmere Diagonal

needlepoint cashmere diagonal

5 - Tent Stitch

needlepoint tent stitch


Colorful Jungle Stitch Guide - Version 2

Colorful Jungle Stitch Guide - Version 2

Needlepoint Stitches Used

1 - Tent Stitch

needlepoint tent stitch

2 - Hungarian Diamond Stitch

needlepoint hungarian diamond stitch

3 - Mosaic Stitch

mosaic diagonal stitch

4 - Brick Stitch Variation

brick stitch variation

5 - Gobelin Stitch

needlepoint gobelin stitch

6 - Upright Cross Stitch

 upright cross stitch

Colorful Jungle Stitch Guide - Version 3: All Tent Stitch

colorful jungle stitch guide tent stitch


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Happy stitching!