6 Amazing Benefits of Crafts for Kids

Encouraging imagination and creativity in most phases of childhood is a necessary and precious way to make sure your kid lives a happy and fulfilled life. It is also a great way to work on a variety of skills, through the different ages.

There are many benefits of practicing crafts with children, and in this blogpost we want to show you how important the inclusion of art-making can be, and its benefits!


1. Working on fine motor-skills and hand eye coordination

By doing tasks that involve working with their hands, and combining various materials to create a final product, kids work on their coordination and dexterity, and can experience a new range of fine motor skills that would probably not be worked by other activities, like sports.


Needlepoint kits for kids by Unwind Studio


2. Encouraging creative thinking and developing imagination

Imagination is a crucial part of childhood, and the way a kid experiences it can highly influence how they see themselves and the world through their lives.

That's why crafts are such a good way to develop those skills, like creative thinking. They discover new shapes, textures and feels, also exploring the sensory side of these activities.


3. Developing organizational skills and following instructions 

Another skill that is worked when doing crafts is planning, and following a set of instructions, something that can be very important down the line. For most crafts, the child will need to combine various elements, and follow steps and instructions, to allow them to reach the optimal final result.

Through trial and error, kids can figure out certain tasks, and through feedback from the adults, they understand the right and wrong ways to complete the instructions. 

 Needlepoint kits for kids by Unwind Studio


4. Increase concentration and patience

Similar to the last topic, crafts can also be a great mechanism to explore patience, attention to detail, and pattern recognition. These cognitive skills are essential to a child's development, and manual arts are a fun and entertaining way to work them!


5. Explore self expression and socializing

Crafting can also motivate kids to create a community and share their self expression among others with the same interests. Making them more comfortable with themselves and with socializing with their peers and adults. 


6. Reduce screen time 

Engaging children in crafts provides a hands-on and immersive experience that captivates their attention, offering a refreshing break from excessive screen time. Nowadays it is very easy to get kids entertained by using screens, whether it is cartoons on TV or games on an IPad, so needlepoint is a great way for them to experience the world beyond digital devices.


As you can see, crafts are a great skill building mechanism for children, that is also fun and creative, so why not try them with your kids! Take a look at our Needlepoint kits for Kids for inspiration on your next project with your child, or as a gift!