Featured Product of the Month: Black Lives Matter

Hello creative friends!

We are introducing a new concept in our blog content and product promotion. Every month we are going to feature a product, and with it, we are also going to support a social and/or environmental cause. In case you want to know more about our renewed commitment to a better future, read this blog post.



    Black Lives Matter needlepoint design by artist Breathe Live Explore



    This month of July, the featured product is (without much surprise, if you are following us on Instagram), the amazing and powerful Black Lives Matter design, by Oris from Breathe Live Explore.


    Breathe Live Explore is our newly unwind studio artist, and we can't wait to show you some more designs created by her! In the meantime, can you resist to these amazing illustrations?!


    Oris Breathe Live Explore artwork


    Oris Breathe Live Explore artwork


    Oris Eddu is a self taught illustrator and surface pattern designer from Nigeria, currently living in Lagos, NG. Her focus is to create unique, bold and colorful illustrations and patterns for products that people need everyday, such as fabrics, stationery, home decor and paper goods.

    Inspired by travel, nature, and everyday life, her work tells a story that gives people hope and a reason to always Breathe, Live and ExploreYou can buy her wonderful work through Etsy or Society6


    black lives matter movement

    Photo by James Eades, from Unsplash


    The cause that we are supporting with this product needs no introduction. It might be by far the largest movement in the United States history! Unfortunately, it resonates everywhere else in the world.

    As a white female small business owner, I've learnt that I too need to do my own work in order to be actively anti-racist. And it is true... until now, like most of us non-Black folks, I've never realized that "It's a privilege to educate ourselves about racism, instead of experiencing it!!!"


    So I've decided to collaborate with Oris, and bring the "Black Lives Matter" design into needlepoint, and donate all the profits to a BLM related org.

    It will be a limited edition of only 50 canvases or kits. There's also a downloadable PDF with the charted graph of the design available too, without any limit quantities. 100% of profits from all product variations will be donated.


    You can find the other actions that I'm doing, to contribute to a fair world here.


    All the love,