Our annual campaign to celebrate World Mental Health Day every October 10th is live, and we are so excited and humbled to be able to collaborate with the amazing artist Jenna O'Brien!

Jenna is a multi-passionate artist and designer with an intense calling to create hope & joy for others. Her artworks reflect retro stylings, bright colors, and messages of hope towards mental health. 


2022 World Mental Health Day Campaign

To help raise awareness about the importance of Mental Health, we have the following offer for you:

World Mental Health Day Campaign by Unwind Studio


Unwind Studio x Jenna O'Brien

Each piece in this Unwind Studio Collaboration was created as reminders to Jenna (and others) to overcome her mental health struggles. Throughout the years have become art prints in thousands of homes across the world that needed these reminders too.

"Other People Feel That Too", "Things Do Get Better" and "You Are Enough & Not Too Much" are powerful messages that helps overcome any struggles one might have, while creating a piece that raises awareness about mental health. 

Speaking about mental health, and stitching/crafting your suffering away is helpful and healing! ❤️

Mental Health Awareness Crafts Unwind Studio x Jenna O'Brien


More about Jenna O'Brien

Jenna was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and for the last five years has shared her journey, with lots of vulnerability and color, with a dedicated online community.

On top of a color palette-filled social media presence, she writes weekly in a free email list about feelings, owns a loose leaf tea business called Color Theory Tea, and is a design teacher to middle and high school students.


Jenna O'Brien Instagram page  

Color Theory Tea by Jenna O'Brien


Needlepoint Design Color Red

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