Our 2 Year Anniversary

We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary of our small business!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us over these years, and to everyone who is to come! We feel this is the perfect opportunity to tell you a bit more of our story, the purpose & values we have for this small business, and share with you the milestones that we feel most proud about!

Our story

It all started when our founder Cristina had her ah-ha moment during her maternity leave, when she rediscovered the pleasure and joy of doing needlepoint. During childhood, stitching was her favourite hobby, right from the moment she learned the craft at school at age 9. As the time passed, she slowly fell out of love because of the lack of modern designs in the market.
Now as a new mom, she decided to create and stitch a contemporary design and it sparked an idea... to create a business combining two of her biggest passions: art & illustration and needlepoint. 
After a big reset to prioritize her mental health and a big change in life & work, Unwind Studio was created :)
Unwind Studio Needlpoint Kits


Who we are

Home of truly unique, artist-designed needlepoint craft kits that, through the process of mindfully creating them, have the power to bring you back to yourself.

We offer a fun, creative way to de-stress and unwind, while making your own affordable art.

 Unwind Studio Needlepoint kit


Our Purpose

We want to give people an antidote to modern life

The ability to not only find their inner calm and creativity, but to make something truly unique with their own hands in the process, which they can treasure for a lifetime.

 Unwind Studio Needlepoint Kit


We want to live in a world where everyone takes their pleasure seriously.

Why? Because the time we give to taking care of ourselves is the best investment we can make – it helps us do everything else better in life.

 Unwind Studio Needlepoint Studio


Our Values

Empowering Creativity

We believe creativity is a quality that needs to be nurtured in everyone. Whatever our ‘day jobs’, having a creative outlet is vital.
That’s why crafts are so important.

There are unlimited possibilities to interpret the design and that’s what makes every project so unique – and so empowering.


Promoting Self-care

We believe that by taking good care of ourselves, we’re better able to take care of others.

Making time for self-care is essential, and crafts uniquely gives us a way to unwind and create at the same time.


Championing Artists

We believe in supporting talented artists!We’re proud to be building a community of artists from all over the world, and every time you buy a canvas from Unwind Studio, you’re making a difference to them.

It’s a collaboration of love: Designed by artists, curated by us, created by you!

Find out more about the artists that work with us!



Our Milestones

Since we decided to start this journey a lot has happened, and we couldn't be more excited for all the good things to come! Here are some of our most important milestones of these two years. 

 Unwind Studio Milestones

Unwind Studio Milestones

Unwind Studio Milestones

We are super excited to see what the next couple of years will bring, and we hope to have you part of our journey!!

This is your time to unwind! :)