The story behind our Travel Van needlepoint design

Prologue: This story was shared in our Instagram account on the day that my friend Andy started the journey of his life: 9th of March 2020. It was just before the coronavirus pandemic had reached Europe, that eventually got to a stage where it was impossible to pursue the dream we are about to describe below.


A dream that Andy had since childhood, inspired by the story of how his parents met and fell in love: driving from London to Sydney, overland, in a 1977 VW camper van called Squiffy!


Travel VW van inspiration needlepoint design



This is how Andy and his friend Alkesh intended to spend the next (at least!) 6 months, fulfilling a dream and living the most amazing adventure. 

To celebrate Andy's and Alkesh’s journey, the lovely artist Sabina Louro created this beautiful "Travel Van" artwork, that both of them are going to stitch during their trip!

Is there any other better way to enjoy life? Seeing the world and unwinding, while stitching a beautiful artwork!


travel van design by bina tangerina



needlepoint tapestry travel vw van kit design



But more than having a good time travelling the world in the most spectacular VW van, Andy took the courage to fulfill a dream. It seems easy, and we all get a bit envy with his trip, but in the end, how many of us would have the courage to change our lives and give up our 9 to 5 jobs?

Taking the courage to pursuit our dreams is a big thing. Even bigger, when you also decide to change your life at the same time. Giving up on what you know and the expertise you were gaining throughout previous jobs, to pursue a totally different and more creative career. We can't wait for Andy's return to watch the beautiful things that he will be creating!

Andy was that kind of person that would never imagine that one day would be stitching!! Then he met us 😂 He was immediately convinced of the cool effect that needlepoint has on relaxation, and we couldn’t be happier with the result!! He even turn out to be those kind of persons that want the stitching to be perfect, and doesn’t mind to re-do a stitched area until it’s perfect and neat ❤️


The travel had begun, and before Andy had to turn back to London due to the global pandemic that was being a reality throughout Europe, we was able to take stunning pictures of his beloved Squiffy.


Squiffy travel vw van london

 Starting off their journey in London.


 By the stunning blue of Lake Brienz.


We can't wait to hear more from Andy and his adventure with Squiffy, once we will be able to safely return to his dream! Until then, make sure you follow his instagram account, where he shares all the details of this wonderful adventure not yet closed!