Quarantine needlepoint stitching gifts

Today we want to share with you the beautiful story of super grandma Áurea!

She stitched four unwind studio canvases for each one of her grandchildren. They had previously selected their preferred designs, so this wasn't totally a surprise for them.

She intends to gift them on the Grandparents Day in late July, but they took this photo recently to share with us, and we couldn’t be happier!

All of the stitching was done during this quarantine, and grandma Áurea says it was a very helpful activity! But most importantly, she’s super proud of her creations ❤️ and so we are!

Aren’t they perfect and stunning??


You can buy the same designs clicking on the links below. From left to right, in the family photo:


Bare Essentials, designed by Johanna Rossi


bare essentials needlepoint tapestry kit unwind studio


  Tulips, designed by Teresa Rego

tulips needlepoint tapestry kit unwind studio


 Desert Cactus Scene, designed by Myriam Van Neste


desert cactus needlepoint kit


 Travel Van, designed by Bina Tangerina


 travel van needlepoint kit

Thank you grandma Áurea for sharing your story with us 🙏