Tips to encourage your kids to start crafting!

Crafts can be a wonderful activity to include in a child's routine, since it has many benefits! In this blog post we are sharing some tips to make your kid love craft time!

First of all, the way you approach introducing crafts in their life has to be in accordance with their age group. 



This time of your kid's life can be very formative, and simple craft activities are a fun way to learn basic concepts like shapes, colors, numbers. By making time for these creative activities, you can also share these important moments with your child!



Kids this age have a lot of energy and curiosity about the world. Why not expand their knowledge and give them new experiences with the help of craft activities? Combine playtime with learning time, and let them explore crafts as a way to express their imagination!



Teenagers are at an age where they start figuring out their tastes and likes, so if your teen has an artsy side, then crafts are the perfect hobby for their downtime! Also, crafts are becoming trendy, and are now available with a more modern twist, that can appeal to the younger crowd. This can be a great way to encourage your teen to try a new skill, and discover a new favorite hobby that can help them feel connected to other people through a community!


Needlepoint for Kids by Unwind Studio


Tips to make your kids love crafts

  • Create a specific time frame for craft activities! You can add it to their day, like an after school activity, or if you have a more flexible time plan, ask them if they want to try something new during playtime. 


  • This can be a great parent-child craft project that will make you feel more connected. However, if you start seeing that your kid loves craft time, they might want to start doing it on their own, and you can still encourage them, and suggest new projects!


  • Showcase their works, and make them feel proud and accomplished for what they created. If you show that you appreciate the crafts they make, they will feel more encouraged! Their craft projects are also a perfect keepsake, to remember and show your kid when they are older. 


  • A great tip to implement craft time is to suggest specific crafts for the holidays that can serve as decoration for that time! Christmas, Easter, Mother’s /Father’s day, Hanukkah, you name it. Every holiday has different symbols and traditions that can be made using crafts!


We hope these tips help you implement some craft time into your kids life!