Needlepoint Alphabet Chart wtih letters and numbers

Needlepoint Letters and Numbers for Personalization: Free Alphabet Chart

We know needlepoint is a fun activity in itself, but imagine what you can do with needlepoint personalization!


Free alphabet chart for needlepoint personalization

We are offering a free alphabet chart including letters and numbers so you can translate your personality into your project. You can add a fun sentence, sign your name, or even a special date, and end up with a unique and meaningful final product.


Download our free alphabet chart for needlepoint


Check our blog posts to learn how to personalize your needlepoint canvas and read a needlepoint chart for further tips & instructions.


Stocking personalized needlepoint letters chart


Recommended Mesh Canvas Size

You can use our free alphabet chart in any mesh needlepoint canvas. Just be mindful that depending on the mesh size of your canvas, the end result of your letters and numbers design can turn out smaller or larger! I.e., a word stitched in a 10, 13 or 18 mesh canvas will have different dimensions. 

Our recommendation is to always simulate your intended sentence/words before starting your stitching!


Recommended Products to Customize

In our opinion, the best needlepoint products to costumize are christmas stockingsornaments, and pillows. All of these items can be a great addition to home decor and such a unique and thoughtful gift for your loved ones, even more so when personalized with a meaningful detail. 

Check out our "Chilling Spell" Personalized Needlepoint Cushion Kit - thought out to let your creative expression shine and choose whatever you feel like stitching!

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