How to use a Needle Minder

Do you know what a Needle Minder is, and what it is used for?


What is it?

A Needle Minder is a craft accessory, made to hold your needles while you set down your work, so they don't get lost or roll away.

It is basically a pin with a magnetic backing, that makes metallic things, such as needles, stick to it. It works just like any regular decorative pin (for clothes, bags, etc.), but you stick it you your canvas. It can have many shapes and sizes, and be made from a variety of materials. 

Our Needle Minder is a metallic enamel pin, with magnetic backing. The design features a Charles Eames quote, "Take Your Pleasure Seriously"; an idea that inspires us to take care of ourselves, by investing in activities that engage the mind and body mindfully, and we hope it also inspires you!


Needle Minder Needlepoint Accessory by Unwind Studio

How do you use it?

Using a Needle Minder is really easy: you simply place the two parts (front decorative part and magnetic backing) together, with the canvas in between, and place your needle on top of the pin, when you need a break.
Here is a quick video, demonstrating how to use it!



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Happy Stitching!