Needlepoint Kits & Canvases

This is our complete collection of contemporary needlepoint kits and canvases.


We work with worldwide artists to design beautiful canvases that you will cherish forever.

Our kits include everything you need for getting started with your needlepoint project. They make the perfect DIY handmade embroidery activity to help you unwind.


Our aim is to deliver a product that encourages you to create and unwind at the same time. We are living a moment where manual crafts are getting more attention, as people are realizing that is a good way to slowdown and relax from the day to day. 

By investing in manual crafts, we are investing in ourselves. Stitching alone, or together in community, slowing down and freeing up our minds in order to appreciate more what really matters in life.

Happy Stitching!



Ashleigh Cochran


From €35,00 - €70,00
agrumes citrus oranges needlepoint kit tapestry kit by ana popescu for unwind studio

Ana Popescu

Agrumes Needlepoint Kit

From €25,00 - €50,00

Anca Putin


From €25,00 - €60,00

Laura Croft

Still Pomegranates

From €25,00 - €50,00
Diver Swimmer Summer Woman needlepoint tapestry design kit canvas unwind studio
unwind studio counted canvas needlepoint tapestry cross-stitch design by tapeto atelier

Tapeto Atelier



Charlie Bennell


From €35,00 - €70,00

Kelly Knaga

My Own Garden

From €35,00 - €70,00

Suzie Leahy

Salvation Mountain

From €35,00 - €70,00

Sarah Digeon

Biarritz 5

From €25,00 - €85,00

Blanche Daramir

The Cactus

From €25,00 - €40,00

Leonor Violeta

Lovely Day

From €35,00 - €70,00

Paola Saliby

The Sun

From €15,00 - €25,00

Emma Hall

Ethiopian Ravine

From €15,00 - €70,00

Paola Saliby

Beautiful Mind

From €25,00 - €50,00

Breathe Live Explore

Flower Girl

From €35,00 - €70,00

Bina Tangerina

Travel Van

From €35,00 - €70,00