Sara Bagot


    Sara Bagot was born in Toulouse in 1990, and is currently living in the Principality of Andorra for the past 6 years.

    Coming from a school career specialized in real estate, a profession she has been practicing since she was 16 years old, Sara has always been attracted by art in general, architecture, colors, shapes. It is in her passion for her profession that she draws her different inspirations. It is in 2016 that she decides to launch her artistic career, allowing the general public to benefit from it. 

    She wishes to retranscribe again and again this inner peace, her imaginary and paradisaical beaches, and this heroine, named "Lilo" that we see very often. 

    Her influences come from contemporary, figurative and abstract art. She likes and admires artists such as Ines Longevial or Quentin Monge, as well as the timeless Paul Gauguin. 

    Instagram: @hashtagmoi


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