Christmas Ornaments - Stitch Guides

Here you can find the stitch guides to 5 of our Christmas Needlepoint Ornaments. Find inspiration to use various different stitches to create a textured look, that works great when the ornaments are finished!

Christmas Night (designed by Teresa Rego)

Christmas Night Needlepoint Ornament Stitch Guide

 1 - Skipped Tent Stitch

 2 - Brick Stitch

 3 - Mosaic Diagonal Stitch

 4 - Tent Stitch

 5 - French Knot Stitch

 6 - Mosaic Diagonal Stitch

 Bird's head and tail - Longstitch

Bauble Flora (designed by Teresa Rego)

Bauble Flora Needlepoint Ornament Kit by Unwind Studio


1- Custom Long Stitch

2- Upright Cross Stitch

3- Wicker Stitch

4- Tent Stitch

5- Gobelin Stitch

6- Long Stitch

7- Brick Stitch

8- Woven Pattern Stitch


Christmas Star (designed by Ingrid Winkler)

Christmas Star Needlepoint Ornament Kit


1- Woven Pattern Stitch

2- Custom Long Stitch

3- Horizontal Hungarian Stitch

4- French Knot Stitch


Winter Lodge (designed by Zoe Wodarz)

Winter Lodge Needlepoint Ornament Kit


1- Fern Stitch

2- Long Stitch

3- Gobelin Stitch

4- Double Brick Stitch


Reflection: Pink Center (designed by Zoe Wodarz)

Reflections Needlepoint Ornament Kit


1- Wicker Stitch

2- T Stitch

3- Gobelin Stitch

4- Upright Cross Stitch

5- Leaf Stitch 

6- Double Brick Stitch


Orange Snowing Star (designed by Leonor Violeta)

Orange Snowing Star Christmas Ornament by Unwind Studio


1- Gobelin Stitch

2- Upright Cross Stitch

3- French Knot Stitch


 Happy Stitching!

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